Notes on Style & Format

In keeping with my intent to modernize Burton studies, I will be laying some groundwork here on the site itself. These choices are subject to change but in their course of evolution I hope they become accepted standards for the field.

The first stylistic standard will be to use a standardized spelling for Burton references. It will always and forevermore be 'Sindh' rather than Scind/Scinde/Sind etc.; 'Munshi' rather than munshee/moonshee etc.; and so forth. Generally, modern spellings of these terms will be chosen unless a spelling from Burton's era is both understandable and conforms to modern usage. A standardized spelling page may arise in time to further this practice.

The second standard will be to dispense with nearly all diacritical marks. Besides the practical issue of laboriously typing these characters and the technical issue of reproducing them on every browser keyed to every standard character set — personally, I hate pages scattered with gobbledygook characters from imperfect character management — there is the question of their value to any but the most pedantic reader. For all but that fretful few (or, even fewer, the extremely careful linguists), there is no difference between “The Kasidah of Haji Abdu el-Yezdi” and “The Kasîdah of Hâjî Abdû el-Yezdî”... so let's agree to let the marks take a well-deserved holiday, if not retirement, in all but the most specialized writing.

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