The Lives of the Burtons

This entire web site is about Richard Francis Burton's life. However, this section of the site is intended to encapsulate the purely biographical information, with acknowledgement of the fact that the separation of a protean figure's life from his works and accomplishments is often based on arbitrary distinctions.

It can also be difficult to separate a primary figure from the lives of those around him. In particular, from their marriage in 1862 onwards it becomes difficult to distinguish between the lives of Richard and Isabel Burton — so like most later biographers, I will not even try.

Who Was Richard Francis Burton?

A short essay, suitable for newcomers both to Burton studies and this site, about the reasons this curious, difficult and unusual man is worth attention and study.

A Biographical Sketch of the Burtons

Although there is no shortage of brief biographies of Sir Richard and Isabel Burton on the web, there is space for one more, written to the standards and focus of this site. Here is is.

Coming soon — your patience is appreciated.

The Major Burton Biographies

Quite a few full-length biographies have been written of Sir Richard Burton, Isabel Burton and the two together. This section lists each along with notes and, where available, links to more detailed critiques of each work.

A Burton Timeline

There are timelines of Burton's life on Wikipedia and elsewhere. Here's one that is instead detailed, accurate and useful.

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