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Sir Richard Francis Burton's life bridged an interesting time in the history of imaging. He was born just late enough to have some of the world's first photos taken of him as a young man, yet early enough that even at the end of his life, pen and paint portraiture was still a commonplace means of recording one's appearance.

While there are not a vast number of images of either type, the photos, drawings and paintings of Burton, Isabel, their contemporaries and their family members (not to mention those of buildings and other places, some now long-gone) are numerous enough that we have few questions about how the people, places and era looked.

The goal of this section of the site is to collect the highest-quality copies of all known Burton and related images. In many cases, only multi-generation copies from published sources will be available, but remembering the virtues of the "palest ink," these inferior copies will be included to complete the record and hold a place until a higher-quality image can be found to replace them.

This will also be the repository for images of Burton-related sites in the present day. I have visited some of them myself and will present my own photos where appropriate.

Needless to say, I am keenly interested in receiving high-quality scans of any Burton-related image that may be in the hands of any visitor. Please contact me if you have any materials to share. (I would appreciate your contacting me in advance of scanning or sending any images, so that we can coordinate on the imaging details.) Full credit will be given to both source and supplier for all such contributions.

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