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One of the advantages of the online world is not just that people from far corners of the earth can connect, but can do so in time-shifted fashion — they need not be connected at the same time. Besides email, one of the most useful tools for this asynchronous communication is an online forum.

I've been told there was a prior forum dedicated to Burton discussion, but it is long gone from the continuum. I believe there's a community of Burton aficionados to be connected out there, so I have established a new online forum for discussion of Sir Richard Francis Burton.

Although I have facilities on tap for a completely dedicated forum, I have chosen to add Burton-focused space to an existing forum system I maintain on another site. Instead of doubling my administrative overhead and discouraging visitors who will find a very sparsely populated forum, piggybacking on the established and vibrant Robert Heinlein forums will make it easier for me and more inviting for this new user group.

The forum has been started very simply, with a single discussion space. It will grow as needed in the present hosting and eventually be moved here, under its own aegis. Please feel free to join this new resource for discussion of this web site, the overall project represented here, the general state of Burton studies and even socializing between Burton scholars, collectors and admirers.

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